Monday Morning – the day after

As a minister Monday has always been an emotional day. Sometimes good, and sometimes not so good!  If I have imaged Christ properly on Sunday, and if I have allowed the passion of my heart to be poured out … I am filled with joy , but tired on Monday!  If I have failed to prepare well, or listen intently to God’s Spirit, or simply allowed the “tyranny of the urgent” to get in the way …. well, I am not so joyous, and even more tired on Monday.

Yesterday was a good day.  Kroc Church was a blessing to me and many others. The Family Fun Day went off very smoothly and there was much laughter and plenty of smiles.  But the thing that made it a good day was the response to God’s Spirit.  Many people sought out the encouragement of the Lord at the altar.  God’s Spirit challenged us, and He equipped us to be better parents, and children.

As this Monday afternoon winds down I find myself tired, but filled with the joy of knowing that our God is faithful, that He still moves souls, and His desire for a holy, active, Spirit led church is alive and well!

God’s blessing to you!

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