Freedom In Christ

I was reminded in the last 2 days of how I was drawn into a relationship with Christ. I was an addict, bound by the chains of sin and addiction. When no else would, or could, help The Salvation Army did. It was through the imaging of Christ in 2 sets of officers that I discovered His love for me. One of the most important lessons I learned was that Christ loved me with a wild abandon, and that He would meet with me no matter where I was, what I looked like, felt like, or even smelled like! It was that freedom to be and to grow that drew me into the arms of Jesus, and the fellowship of The Salvation Army.

I was raised in the church and had rejected much of the “trappings” of religion. Imagine my surprise to discover a fellowship that was free, accepting, and seemed to have let go of the need for everyone to “conform” to a set of man made standards.

I’ve been an officer for over 20 years now, providing ministry in all kinds of settings and have aways been surprised when I encounter man made liturgy that seems to hinder the “wild abandon” of Christ’s love. It is my hope, prayer, and desire that whenever anyone encounters me, they will sense the freedom that comes from Christ’s love, no matter what they look like, what they wear, or how much they don’t seem to fit in.

I just want to image the loving, compassionate, Savior who met me so many years ago!

God bless.

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1 Response to Freedom In Christ

  1. Carolyn Cavanaugh says:

    Very well stated, Tim. We all can have a need to realize His love for us and how all encompassing it is

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