Saturday Scratchings

On Thursday our son David celebrated his 22nd birthday. In our house birthdays are celebrated with a hearty Happy Birthday song first thing in the morning, followed by a piece of the celebrants favorite cake and the sharing of cards and gifts. We also have a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant decided upon by the one whose birthday it is. I have always treasured these times, but the last few years have taken on a special importance. Gone are the days when our little ones would crowd onto our bed as we sang Happy Birthday. Gone are the days when the celebration included party hats and lots of excited friends over. Time marches on and kids grow up. The kids have their own lives now, college, work and friends to visit. The day no longer consists of a day, but has been reduced to a few hours … and that is how it should be, I guess, because time really does march on. Even with all of the changes to our lives time brings, one thing has remained consistent. When the bedroom door opens and the boisterous strains of Happy Birthday resound I see in my grown children the faces of little kids! I see the joy of family on their eyes, hear love in their voices, and feel the excitement of their special day. I thank God this morning for my family, they are truly the “BEST” family!

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2 Responses to Saturday Scratchings

  1. Shirley Clark says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Al’s birthday is today, but he isn’t being boistrous and loud, but very subdued with his oxygen problem. Happy birthday David.

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