Monday Musing – In His Image

I am sitting quietly in my office today reflecting on a great day of worship yesterday @ Kroc Church.  One of the songs in our worship set was 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman.  The body sang it out with a great understanding of the multitude of blessings we expereince in our relationship with God.  So many more than a mere 10,000.

Lately the Lord has really been focusing my attention on our need to “image” Christ to the world around us.  From Bill Clem’s great book, “Disciple”, to a 3 day seminar on being created in His image in Holiness with Dr. Bill Ury, the Lord has captured my attention.  We are all, every one of us, believer and unbeliever, created in the image of God.  Due to the sin choice of Adam & Eve we became a distorted image. Thankfully God restored our relationship with Him through Christ’s sacrificial death, and powerful resurrection.  The indwelling of His Spirit in the believer allows us to begin the process of clearing up the image we reveal to the world.  As with all growth, it takes a humility before God, and a courage to change, to make this happen.

It is this change message that is revealed in our daily living that makes us stand out.  When people see us responding in an otherworldly way, turning the other cheek, forgiving when it seems unwarranted or unwanted, loving through difficult situations, caring for those no else pays attention too, and/or owning up to our shortcomings without blaming others that is when theys ee Jesus.  Our imaging of Him draws people to Him. The world needs to see the real image of Christ, and we are His image bearers.

It is my prayer that you see an accurate image of Jesus when you encounter me, in any situation!

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