Saturday Scratchings – Single Issue Voting

I read an interesting newspaper column today concerning the need for caution when using social media to express a particular political point of view. It was well thought out, well written, and I tended to agree with most of what was said.  The optimum word was “caution”, being careful to clearly differentiate fact from opinion (which the media often  seems to forget … just my opinion!).  So with that I mind I want to share my opinion on single issue voting.

I was recently scoffed at by an individual who wanted to know what I thought the “most important” voting issues were.  When I stated simply, “life of the unborn” his eyes rolled, a heavy sigh follwed, and then he began to explain to me the myriad number of other “important” social issues I should be paying attention to.  I listened quietly while I was lectured to with a tone a parent would use with an uninformed child who had wandered away.  The discussion ended with a dismissive sigh and without an opportunity to explain my point of view, so here it is …straight from the heart of a single issue voter.

I am involved in social ministry, assisting those who find themselves in long term and short term need.  People who are temporarily destabilized, and those that have been disenfranchised and marginalized.  I understand the need for safety net programs, and I understand the need to provide social and educational opportunities to break a cycle of poverty.  So when I speak of these things I come from a  place of understanding from the inside out.  I agree that there are a number of important issues that we need to be concerned with, however there is a distinct reason I choose to use the life of the unborn as a “litmus” test that guides my voting.

In every important issue cited by my friend I see individuals who have the ability to speak for themselves.  Yes their voice may need to be assisted, their voice may need to be lifted by others but they do have a voice. The old adage of feeding a man a fish feeds him today, while teaching him to fish feeds him for a lifetime, invovles the man participating. Social services involves those in need participating.  We can disgree on how that participation should be structured, by the bottom line is that there is participation.

When it comes to the unborn, and the violent act of abortion, there is no voice, and there is no participation.  The other point of view will say but that this “unborn” is not a viable life because it cannot support itself. That logic allows for a baby to be violently destroyed without ever having a say.  If viability is the test then there are many in our society that would seem to fail the test.  I guess it comes down to one’s definition of vialbility.

I share this with you, and yes I will post this in the social media, with the hope that you will see things a bit differently, especially those who hold to the truth of Psalm 139 in which our Creator says that we have been “fearfully and wonderfully” made, and that He knit us together in our mother’s womb.

I proudly admit that I am a single issue voter.

God’s peace and direction to each of you!

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2 Responses to Saturday Scratchings – Single Issue Voting

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  2. Beautifully, articulately, thoughtfully stated. Thanks, Tim!


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