Monday Musings – on a Thursday afternoon!

I recently stumbled upon a great XM Radio station called “Soul Town”.  I say stumbed upon because as I was turning the steering wheel with one hand I bumped the seek button, and right in the middle of a good song!  I quickly started hitting buttons trying to get it back, stopped paying attention to the road ahead of me, and had to come a quick stop before I ran over the curb!  While I was catching my breath and thanking Jesus that I was in a parking lot and not on the road, the great sounds of Motown cut through the stress.  I had discovered Soul Town and was immediately transported back to the 60’s.  I pulled into a parking spot, leaned back into the seat, and just reaxed and remembered!

Man! Those were the good old days weren’t they?  No problems, no stress, just a real sense of freedom … Wiat! I was in elementry school, was a short skinny kid who couldn’t hit a baseball, and carried a Hot Wheels lunch box! Yes there was stress!  It came in the form of needing acceptance from peers, parents, teachers, and coaches.  It came in the form of school projects and report cards.  It was there in the neighborhood games, and the chores at home.  Pressure and stress were a part of those good old days.

Today’s daily pressures and stresses are different, but then again I am different. I am older, have had a lot of unique life experiences, both good and bad, and have different expectations than I did during my “Motown” years. The emotional connections to the songs don’t remind me of the difficulties of daily life I experienced back then.  They remind me of the innocence and hopefulness of youth, of the blush of puppy love, and the broken heart I thought would never heal, at least until the next girlfriend came along!  I remember singing with the guys at the top of our lungs, of car rides on the back roads with the windows down and the radio turned up, with mom and dad singing the words with us.

Stress is what I make of it.  It can own me, or I can let it go and create some good memories for tomorrow.  I am thankful for the way God has wired us up, how He has blessed us with a heart to love and a mind to remember, and how He connects us through time by giving us our memories, and yes … even memories of Motown!

So sit back, turn up some of your old songs, and let the memories open your eyes to a new day.

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