Thanksgiving Day Musings

I have a “quiet time” routine for the mornings when I have a day off. I like to get a cup of coffee, grab the newspaper from the paperbox, sip, read, and just relax for a little bit.  When I went out to the paperbox this morning the paper was hanging half out of the box because it would not fit.  Why?  It was filled with ads from stores trying to lure customers out as early as 8:00pm tonight … on Thanksgiving Day.  The paper was at least 4 inches thick!  As I sat in my chair starng at this huge stack of dead trees I was struck by the irony of this … the news (business, local & world news, and sports) was only 1/2 inch thick while the ads  were 3 1/2 inches thick!  I sat there laughing at the absurdity of this.

But wait … there’s more …. many of the ads advertised a price match and availability for online shopping. Imagine that. You can get the same deals from the comfort of your living room, all without having to actually stand in line at a store.  I wonder if the internet will crash today, and if it does will that be a step toward fulfilling the Mayan calendar and the dreaded Dec 21st end of it all?

Ok let’s get to my main thoughts today. I am so thankful for a God who loves me, holds me accountable, is able to satisfy every longing of my heart, and blesses me way beyond what I deserve.  No need for me to wait for “Black Friday” to realize the bargain I have received in Christ Jesus.  Grace and freedom, love and acceptance, forgiveness and accountability, and lots of great relationships over the years. All of these blessings!   As I sit here at my desk I am so thankful that my strength, sufficiency, joy, peace, contentment, and value are found in Him.

May God bless you over the days ahead.  Look at what He has done for you, and what He has promised to continue to do for you, and just relax and enjoy this life with a heart of Thanksgiving.  Oh and enjoying your shopping!

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