Stuck in the “in between”!

It is that time of year,  the “in between” time.  The expectations of Christmas have been fulfilled, and the anticipation of a new year in on the horizon.  Not sure today how I am supposed to feel. Contentment about things accomplished, sadness over things undone, joy for new friends made, melancholy for old friends gone?  What is to be? A look back or a look ahead?

A look back requires a good dose of honesty and humility.  The joys and sorrows of the past year are no longer mine to own.  They now belong to a recent history that cannot be undone or rewritten.  Pain and loss, hope and joy, addition and substraction … all now simply a part of my story. It is a story that I am glad to have.  The look back reveals a Savior who cared for me, who challenged me, and who sustained me.There were times that I did not understand, and events that cut to the heart. Times that I never thought I would move past, and yet, here I sit, on the edge of a new year.  My recent past is now a help, not a hinderance, as I move into a new year.  It has helped to mold me and shape me.

A look ahead requires a faith that has been forged in the events of the last year.  I have discovered that this new year ahead will be a year of promise, of joys not yet discoverable, and sorrows not yet understandable. There will be difficulties that will challenge me, and blessings that will astonish me.  Circumstances will arise that will confound me, and routines that will dull me.  But as I sit here today I am ready to embrace them all with a heart of gladness because I know that, through it all, my Redeemer lives.  My Savior is as solid as a rock, and He loves being in relationship with me.

If you find yourself stuck in the “in between” just refocus your attention on the One who holds the future … Jesus Christ!  Seek Him and you will find Him, trust Him for tomorrow even as you thank Him for yesterday.

God’s blessings to you all!

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3 Responses to Stuck in the “in between”!

  1. Jo cash says:

    Good musings brother .

  2. kenpierpont says:

    You have summarized my thoughts today. Delighted to get to know your Daughter better. Blessings on the New Year. I want you to show me around the Kroc, Eric this year.

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