Standing Stones … A Legacy of Love and Grace

I am sitting in the dining room listening to my wife, her sisters and her dad singing spiritual songs. Some are new and some are old however they all sound “right”. The occasion that brings us together tonight is a visit with dad’s palliative care doctor and his hospice team leader. You see dad’s fight with lung cancer is ending. It may 2 months or 10 months, but the amount of time doesn’t really matter because at the end of it is his reunion with Jesus and our grief at the loss of his presence.

The thought of standing stones come to mind when I look at dad. Standing stones are those reminders that God asks His people to erect in memory of His intercession on our behalf. The Israelites crossed the Red Sea and marked the spot for anyone that would follow. They crossed the Jordan and God asked them to set those standing stones in place to remind everyone of His love and grace, power and mercy! Dad’s life is a standing stone that points anyone who would care to look to a promise keeping God. Dad has walked, and continues to walk with a deep understanding of God’s power and presence. He has demonstrated to this watcher what it means to live with godly integrity, how to choose God’s way, and how to live a life of servant love. When I look at him I see a legacy of children and grandchildren who love The Lord. I see a path of righteousness and committed following.

To live a life, day by day, year after year, of earnest pursuit of God is quite a legacy. Dad has the heart of David relentlessly, and selflessly, pursuing His Savior. He has been willing to love, support, and hold accountable this follower, demonstrating the characteristics of Jesus for me. We do not know the day or the hour, but it really does not matter because the legacy is secure … Dad has been, and continues to be the man I hope to be!

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