Time Passages

Over the last 2 months or so I have had the tune from Al Stewart’s, “Time Passages” running through my head. The connection to that song from the late 70’s meant something important to me then, and it means even more to me today. I am quickly coming face to face with the stark reality of my baby girl leaving home, for the first and perhaps final time. She is off to start her sophomore year as a transfer student at a university 3 or so hours from home. I am so proud of the way she is grabbing hold of a bright future. I am also excited about the new experiences she will have and the growing opportunities she will encounter. Her mother and I have raised her to think clearly, choose wisely, and trust in God’s guidance so I do not have the same concerns that some others may have.

As I walk this particular time passage my mind is drawn backwards. I see that little baby girl in her mother’s arms, that little gap toothed girl who loved “waterlemon” and learned that there is “quancicances” to her actions. Fast forward a bit and I laugh out loud thinking about the basketball player who, while driving to the lane, stopped, handed the ball to the referee and said, “I’m sorry but I just traveled”. So many memories, some much time gone by so very quickly.

Fast forward some more and there she is, with a house full of friends, celebrating her 15th birthday with a murder mystery party. So much laughter and fun. As I recall the first spring fling dance my eyes tear up and my heart hurts a little. She is so beautiful, and has such a sparkle in her eyes. As a father the beauty of one’s daughter is a source of both pride and angst. But she was raised to think clearly, choose wisely, and trust God’s guidance so all will be well. And it has been.

So many more memories … volleyball, vacations, tears, and laughter …they seem to speed by on fast forward. Life has a way of moving very quickly sometimes and, while I knew this day was inevitable, I wish I could slow it down just a little bit. But that is impossible. All I can do adjust and embrace these times.

My little girl is grown up now and embarking on a very exciting journey and I am using this time to make as many new memories as I can… just getting ready for the next time passage!

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