Seeing Jesus in the Everyday

I was recently called upon to visit a member of my church in the hospital. He had suffered a slight stroke and was being admitted for who knew how long.  On the first visit I did the usual “ministerial” things like praying, holding his hand, and reading Psalm 121 which seems to be the “right” Scripture for such occasions. All went well and I felt like I had contributed to bringing him some comfort.

Perhaps now is when I should confess that these types of visits are not easy for me … as if it is my comfort that I should be paying attention to. On numerous occasions I have had an inner desire to quickly flee, or to ask my wife to go instead!  We stopped in again this morning to check on our friend and something happened during this visit.  As I was sitting in the chair I pulled up beside the bed, reading Psalm 103, I happened to glance up from my bible app and realized that my friend was looking at me with a profound clarity in his eyes.  This was amazing because it went against the effects that had caused him to be confused and made his communication hesitant and jumbled. It was as if he was recalling the verses from memory!  I continued reading and the smile on his face grew as the Holy Spirit reminded him of the truth of God’s Word.

The power of God’s Word, hidden in our hearts, can bring calmness and clarity to even the most confusing situations.  When we cannot seem to remember our way through even the simple things of life God’s Word provides a light for us.  That visit this morning ministered to me in a way that has not happened before … and to think …. he used something I don’t feel competent at, or comfortable doing!  Isn’t that the story of the Bible?  God meeting with ordinary individuals at their point of weakness, to reveal His glory.  I think I will stop in tomorrow and see my friend again … who knows what God has in store for us!

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2 Responses to Seeing Jesus in the Everyday

  1. rcsass says:

    He is so good and you are admirable for your over coming that discomfort. Not an easy thing to do! Somebody got to do it pal…you’re it. It’s surely amazing what happens when God helps us through the situations that we face to honor Him! There is so much glory to be had. Thank you Tim for a another wonderful post. Say a prayer for me please…being selfish.

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