The Mysteries of Ministry

Life’s lessons are often learned in the simplest way … digging for worms in a garden! Thanks Libby!

The Kroc Effect


I attended church Sunday.  Not that this is such a unique occurrence, but I attended church at the Kroc Center, which is unusual for me.  I don’t typically like to worship where I work.  I tend to be intensely private about my spirituality.  But this was special…

June 22 was Farewell Sunday in The Salvation Army.  Many officers said goodbye to their current corps and began a journey to new assignments.  Two of our own were faced with this task.  Majors Tim and Bev Best are moving to Kansas City, Kansas.  I know this has been a difficult transition looming over them for the past month.  (You can read more about this journey here at Major Tim’s blog.)

So I attended the Farewell Service and reception.  Listening to Major Tim review the story of Esther during his sermon, I was transported to a day almost 2 years ago when I stormed into his…

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