Decisions … Decisions


Decisions … decisions!

We make so many decisions everyday.  Some seem inconsequential, what socks to wear, what to eat for breakfast.  Some are made without any conscious thought given to them, what order to get ready in the morning, how many minutes you brush your teeth, and even which way to go to work.  There is no negative impact to these choices, unless you count bad breath or mismatched socks as a negative!

There are, however, some choices that require thought and definitely have a profound impact on our lives. Two of the most important decisions I have made are imaged in the picture above.  The first was to trust Jesus Christ, and the second was to ask Beverly Keeler to marry me. (thankfully she said yes or the results would have been devastatingly different!)

The first decision came about after many years of selfish choosing and self absorbed decision making.  Those self centered decisions led me down a broken road in which every consequence was a negative.  As I look back over those years I see that each negative decision led to another, and then another, until I reached a point where the ability to make decisions for the positive seemed impossible. It was at this low point that I met Jesus through the living example of some of His followers.  I saw something in them that was missing in me. They seemed to be able to make more positive than negative decisions, and even when a bad decision was made they were able to move through it in a positive way.  It was in these folks that I discovered the grace and forgiveness of Jesus. The Bible pictured represents His story of my redemption.  While I still make some negative decisions I know the way through them to a positive result.

The second decision is represented by my wedding ring, and it’s inscription “One Love One Lifetime” in the inside.  When I made the decision to ask Bev to marry me I thought I knew what it all meant.  I thought I knew what marriage was.  As I sit 25 years later I sure know a whole lot more than I did then. (I know that brushing your teeth for at least 3 minutes is important for kissing’s sake)  What I did not know was the give and take that a good marriage requires.  I did not know that modeling Jesus was the most important decision a husband and father could make.  I have discovered that decisions are a shared responsibility, and that there is joy in the sharing.

As I sit in my new living room, in a new state, and with a new ministry, I am so glad that the constant in my decision making is an absolute trust in the Lord and in my wife.  I have the confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what they are going to give me wisdom and help me make the right decisions

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