Hey … Where did my little boy go?

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In just 8 days I will have the honor and privilege of performing the wedding ceremony for my son, David, and his best friend, Megan.  My journey with David started  26 years ago when we found out that we were pregnant.  As I sit on the edge of having to finally release him I cannot help but reflect on that journey.  It has been fun and frustrating (for both of us), and sacred and sometimes scary. There has been rebellion and restoration, and just about as much love as one can contain!

This last year has been difficult due to our move to Kansas and leaving our kids in South Bend.  You can read about that part of the journey here,  https://timbest4him.com/2014/05/27/life-changes-never-easy-saying-goodbye/

A year of reflection has eased the loss somewhat but I still occasionally wonder … Where did my little boy go?  When I look at David now I see a reflection of his mothers passion for those in need, compassion for those who are hurting, and a willingness to get involved.  In his laughter and joy for living I see some of me. Looking back over the years I have come to realize that a parent does the best they can, learns and adapts as their children growth, considers each as an individual, models Jesus, and then … let’s them go!

I am so very proud of the man of God David has become.  I see Christ’s love flowing through him as he loves and cares for Megan.  I see him going about his life with stewardship and thoughtfulness.  I am so glad that God has answered the prayers of a mother and father, who did not know how to parent starting out so long ago but just wanted to follow the Lord.

The Lord calls us to trust Him daily, walk in His ways hour by hour, and seek His will with every decision.  This look back has revealed to me that God is in control, that He can use even our failed efforts to glorify Himself.  I am learning that letting go does not have to mean loss and sadness, in fact, as I look toward David and Meg’s future my heart swells with joy and anticipation because God holds that future and their hearts are His.  I love the memories of that little boy, and I will cherish them forever, but I am super stoked to see the new memories that are going to be made!


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    Such is the Love that inspires us to live our Lord. Walking the walk leaves footprints that last beyond a lifetime. A legacy of peace, love and understanding.

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