My name is Tim Best.  I am a minister in The Salvation Army, currently stationed in South Bend Indiana.  My role is as the Officer for Congregational Life.

Personally I have come to understand that God’s intention for me, and all believers, is that I would image Christ more clearly each day.  As a disciple I must continually, and consistently, look to Christ.  Daunting?  Yes!  Impossible?  No!  Not with the power of the Holy Spirit in me.

I have a beautiful wife, and two children who never cease to amaze me.  I am dearly loved, and I love them dearly.  Who I am today is because of their love and influence.  It is for God and my family that I write.

The goal of my blog is simply to share my wanderings through this life, giving a little peek into who I am, and what I think.

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